Private Personal Training


Strong Start

3 Month PT Packages

Get a kick-start, dip your toe into the world of having a coach, return from injury or build a new foundation. Short-term 3 month packages to get you off to a strong start. Make the change you need today!



6 Month PT Packages

You know good things take time. We've created 6 month packages to help you develop strong, healthy habits. Build confidence and learn how to get strong. We'll support you every step of the way, while you learn to manage life's challanges and achieve your goals.


Stay Strong

12 Month PT Packages

You understand that making real, lasting change doesn't happen overnight. Your health and movement is important and you know it's more fun with a coach! You invest in yourself, and so do we! Create sustainable change over a 12 month commitment and build your healthy lifestyle. You also get a great discount on your sessions!

We offer personalised support to help you move forward. All of our Personal Training Packages can be tailored to meet your needs. You have the freedom to choose your session duration, training frequency and payment schedule.

Looking For More Support?

Compliment your Training with our Nutrition Coaching and Online Exercise Programming Services. Select one or both to maximise your results.

Bespoke Solutions

If you're still reading, you might be looking for a super-personalised solution. Your body, your life and your needs are unique and it may be that a custom made PT Package is the perfect fit for you. We can design a Bespoke PT Package that is totally tailored for your needs, just ask us how!

Casual Options

If you're looking to keep it casual, we're cool with that too!

Sometimes you need a nudge, a hug, something new or some quality-control. We get it, and we are here to help! A great option for commitment-phobes, frequent travellers and the budget conscious.

Grab an Intro Pack!

We are genuinely here to help you become stronger in every way. Here's a cheeky Intro Pack to help you get started. Results come from action. Take the first step and start making progress towards your goals!

Intro PT Pack includes 5 x 45min Private PT Sessions for $375.


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You need a personalised approach that meets your needs and changes with you.

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