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Candice & Jess
Candice & Jess

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The answer to your question is yes – we are twins... no need for the optometry appointment!

We have been sharing our knowledge and passion for human movement and all the goodness it brings for almost 13 years. We have spent most of our careers working with Private Personal Training clients which has afforded us invaluable experience and insight into health, movement, behaviour change, wellness and the value of human connection.

We are firm believers that humans thrive together and there is no need to “do it on your own" – ever! We love using our knowledge and expertise to help people realise their potential for growth and change. We believe strength is the foundation of human potential and see first hand, the impact a strong mind and body can have for an individual. Multiply that and watch the ripple effect influence a family, community and the world! But first, we want to focus on improving YOUR world!

Essential Strength
has evolved as a result of the need for clarity and quality.

In a very loud arena, it can be challenging for you to discern fact from fallacy to find the right health and fitness solution for you.
It is our intention to help you, where are right now to get to where to want to be in body and mind.

Our philosophy

We believe you deserve to feel awesome. A life lived with resilience, positivity and vitality is available to us all, if we want it.

Our methods are based around the belief that with the right education and coaching, you can develop the understanding and respect you need to support and optimise your body, your mind and your life.

Let go of the expectations you may have of Personal Training and “fitness" and feel the difference we can offer. There is no standard client or “perfect" method that will solve all your challenges, yesterday. You need a personalised approach that meets your needs and changes with you.

Changing your lifestyle, your body and your mindset is no small feat. Permit yourself to learn and grow. Be patient with the process and reap the rewards of real change.

Keeping the Personal in Personal Training.

Candice & Jess

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